Save DCs

House Rule: (to make things easier on GMs)

When an item or effect does not define a save DC, the GM just needs to make a call on whether the save is Easy, Normal, Hard, etc.

The same can be used for Skill check DCs, just decide how hard the task should be. Generally a lot easier than looking up a billion tables of modifiers.

This makes challenges fairly consistent across levels. Something “Hard” is hard for both a 1st level and a 15th level character. While high-level characters might be supernaturally good at many things, some things are just plain difficult for mortals, regardless of level.

Difficulty DC
Simple 5 + character level
Easy 10 + character level
Normal 15 + character level
Hard 20 + character level
Very Hard 25 + character level
Impossible 30 + character level

Note: We used this fairly extensively in the Thirty Pieces of Silver campaign with good results.

Save DCs

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