Fa-Kseen, High Quartermaster of the Council of Stewards

A giant gourmand, sent forth by the Hu-Charad to find a way to feed their armies in land with no sun for growing grain...


Gourmand 4 / Giant 1 / Binder 1 / Crusader 1

The only giant willing to face, or even embrace, the madness of the Chi-Julud, Fa-Kseen will go anywhere and do just about anything in his search for a sustainable way to keep the troops of the Hu-Charad invasion force fed and equipped. While the madness that comes upon him whenever he leaves the safety of the giant enclaves certainly adds to his sentiophagic tendencies, eating the dead as a means of honoring a fallen foe or comrade is the norm in giant society—the large amounts of calories needed to drive his massive (and growing) frame (he’s still quite small and young by giant standard) and his interest in the higher culinary (and magical arts) just takes this cultural tendency to a whole other level. His greatest hope is that somewhere amidst his culinary, alchemical, and magical expirimentation he may find a cure for the Chi-Julud, and allow his people to once again walk the world at large.


Fa-Kseen, High Quartermaster of the Council of Stewards

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