Reins of Darkness

Session 5: Nash's Account

A man a plan, mayhem.

Ulfen shuffled uncomfortably in his filthy leathers, suddenly aware of the fetching color coordination afforded by the fresh blood on his legs and the rose marble of the library.

“Well, and then they disappeared with elf into the woods, and told Zol to head home? Everything was alright?”

Anansi laughed, high and sudden. “Yeah, I don’t really expect to see them again. Would you mind at least trying to find where they went to?”

“Alright, I’ll have a look.”

“Have this: some of the salvage off the island when you were there.” With a delicious ring, Anansi drew a blackened axe from the stone tea table and handed it to Ulfen.

“What’s it do?”

“It kills elves.”

Ulfen was pleased with the path the Quivering Forest had prepared for him. They’d decorated it with dead orc. Thoughtful. As he approached and began looking for signs of Zol’s wagon, the raven’s scattered and wheeled before gleefully returning to their meal. Ulfen wondered how many were really ravens. He pulled his hood down further over his face, and caught the spoor. Mammoths!

Several hours later he was at the wellhead. The place felt a little too still, he decided as he proceeded with a little extra care into the clearing. He heard a little giggle, and looking over his shoulder, noticed some ankles disappearing into the underbrush. Elves! Before he could turn around again, the trees suddenly filled with elves, releasing their shafts before vanishing into a burst of ravens. Another giggle rang into the clearing and the arrows ricocheted around him, leaving him unscathed.

Embracing the cover of his benefactor, Ulfen moved to the well, hurriedly searching the grounds for signs. They’d come in and out the well, he concluded. He dashed from the clearing as another volley landed around him and dove into the cover of the woods.

Several more hours of careful tracking and he noticed a muddy glow in the sky. Dark smoke, rolling low over the ground met him as he moved to the edge of a very different clearing. Huge smelting works, fed by by mammoths pulling sledges of silver ore sat at the edge of a lake, the heat forcing the Quivering Forest back from the shore. The forest was getting pretty full.

Turning from the smelters, he followed the last hurried flight of myself and Erithon to the bushes that we were hiding in. We were able to inform him of our doings in the forest, and of our plans to destroy the silvered pyramid and reconcile the long unrequited lovers. Ulfen had his own plan.


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