While Obsidian Portal is a good place for documentation, this game will have a strict “no tech at the table” rule (check your smartphones and laptops at the door).

For the sake of expediency and not killing trees, the no-laptops rule has been lifted.

Here is the proposed plan:

  • Everyone is allowed to bring 2 physical game books.
    • ANY d20-based materials are fair.
    • Pick something you would like to play.
    • If you don’t have books of your own, you are free to pull something off of my shelves.
  • Whatever you bring will be the official list of allowed materials for the game
    • …so if no one brings a PHB or equivalent, no one plays a fighter.
    • If you want to play something specific, bring the book.
  • We will work together to build characters (and figure out what exists in the world) based on whatever you bring (so bring something fun).
  • The onus of the world-building effort rests with the GM. Your level of involvement in world-building is entirely up to you…You are free to just throw in the book and say “I want to play this as written” or “I just brought this because I like X class or race or feat” and we’ll find a way to make it work. The point is to have fun with some reasonable constraints, not to make any over-think things.
  • That said, we will try to make an interesting world out of whatever anyone brings.
  • If new players show up later, they will each be allowed to introduce 1 new book to the list of allowed materials…
    Dark lord