Rod of Alertness

This light mace +1 has eight flanges on its mace-like head.

weapon (melee)

This magical rod is indistinguishable from a Light Mace +1. A rod of alertness bestows +1 on Perception checks and +1 on Initiative checks. If grasped firmly, the rod enables the bearer to cast detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, detect magic, discern lies, detect illusions, or see invisibility at will. These functions do not expend charges.

1 charge: If the rod is planted in the ground and willed to an active state (a standard action), the rod can detect any creature within a 120-foot radius, provided that creature is hostile towards the one that activated the rod. If such a creature is detected, each flange of the rod emits a beam of light, illuminating an area in a 60-ft. radius around the rod. Simultaneously, the rod creates a prayer effect on all allies of the user within a 20-ft. radius of the rod. Immediately thereafter, the rod sends forth a mental alert to these friendly creatures, warning them of any unfriendly creatures within the 120-foot radius.

2 charges: If 2 charges are expended when activating the rod, the rod will cast an animate ojects spell (at 16th caster level) when it detects enemies. This can affect up to 16 objects specifically designated by the owner and placed around the perimeter of a 6-ft. radius circle centered on the rod.

This rod has 44 charges.

The rod can be recharged by a Divine caster of at least 16th level, so long as the rod has at least one charge remaining.


Rod of Alertness

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