Blaster Pistol

weapon (ranged)

Range Increment: 30-ft.
Damage: 5d6 (see below)
Critical: 20/x2
Spark Drain: A single spark battery provides sufficient energy for 10 shots.

When found, this item will usually be folded. It weighs about 1 lb. and will unfold to about 1 foot. It is composed of a U-shaped section of metal rod with a black rivet on one end and an attached piece of thick glass mounted in a frame. This glass is about the size of a hand mirror. On one side of the frame are 2 raised discs, while on the other is a fine mesh, mounted on a rod. The two sides of the glass are dark on one side (the firing side) and clear on the other (the viewing side). In the hinge joining the handle and glass frame is a slot about the size of a coin.

The pistol is operated by turning the top dial. On the viewing side of the screen, crosshairs and range figures (in Auld Giantish) will appear. The second dial will magnify the scene slightly. Once a target is selected, the pistol is fired by pressing the black button in the handle. The pistol can be fired at the user’s standard rate of fire for ranged weapons (including the use of the Rapid Shot feat and all iterative attacks).

The user must make a ranged touch attack against his target. A target wearing armor suffers no damage. Instead the armor takes 5d6 points of damage, ignoring all hardness. A creature or suit of armor reduced to 0 hit points by a blaster is disintegrated (as the spell).


Blaster Pistol

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