Zeruch Erelanson

Martial Paragon From a Past Age


Male Erelander Warblade 7
Height: 6’3”, Weight: 267lb, Red Hair, Red Beard, Blue Eyes

AL: CN Size: M Spd 30ft Init 1 HD 7d12 88 HP ( 7 plus 14 tmp)
AC: 21 Touch: 13 Flat-footed 16 CMD: 26 ( 2 Con, 1d8 plus 10 Hp while Feast’d)

Melee: BaB: 7/2 CMB: 12

Attack: (1 while Feasted)

  • (AC 21) The War Marshal (Two-handed): 14/ 9, 3d6 plus 13 plus 1d6 Acid, x2
  • (AC 24) The War Marshal (One-handed): 14/ 9, 2d6 plus 11 plus 1d6 Acid, x2
  • (AC 21) Dragon Claw Gauntlets: 12/ 7, 1d4 plus 5 plus 1d6 Acid x2, Will Save or Paralysis (DC 16)

Fortitude: 10, Reflex: 8; Will: 5 (plus 4 vs Poison & Fear while Feast’d)

Str 20, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 10 (plus 2 Con while Feast’d)

Skills : Acrobatics 13, Climb 12, Craft (Armor) 17, Intimidate 8, Knowledge (History) 11, Perform (Dance) 2, Perception 10, Stealth 8, Swim 15, Use Magic Device: 7


  • Bonded Item ( 1 on luck attacks with The War Marshal)
  • Blade Meditation ( 1 on attacks and DCs with Stone Dragon maneuvers, 2 on Acrobatics)
  • Sudden Recovery (1/day—Swift: Recover a single expended maneuver)
  • Vital Recovery (1/Encounter: heal 3 points of damage plus 1 point per character level)
  • Weapon Focus (1 on attacks with The War Marshal)
  • Weapon Specialization (2 on damage with The War Marshal)
  • Least Legacy (The War Marshal)
  • Close Quarters Fighting (AoO against grapple attempts, if they get hit it fails; if they have imp grapple or grab, add the damage to your opposed grapple check)
  • Stone Powers (take a penalty, up to -5, and gain twice that many temporary hit points)
  • Shards of Granite (The Shards of Granite feat enables the use of three tactical options.)

Special: Battle Clarity (Reflex), Weapon Aptitude (Heavy Mace), Battle Ardor (Critical Confirmation), Improved Uncanny Dodge, Battle Cunning (Damage), plus 2 Dodge Bonus, Scent, Burst of Speed 1/day, Strategic Blow (DR 3)

Advanced Spark Addiction: Light Blindness, Darkvision 120 (See in Magical Darkness)

Skill Tricks:
Shrouded Dance (Move Action, DC 20 Stealth, Gain concealment until next round)
Corner Perch (Succeed on a climb check in an area where you can brace yourself and gain use of your arms until the end of your next turn)
Extreme Leap (If succeed on a horizontal jump of at least 10ft, spend a swift action to move 10ft)
Twisted Charge (You can make a single turn of up to 90 degrees during a charge)

Maneuvers (7/encounter)
Maneuver Stored: Wall of Blades

  • 1st Steel Wind, Stone Bones
  • 2nd Mountain Hammer, Stone Vise, Wall of Blades
  • 3rd Bonecrusher
  • 4th Overwhelming Strike
    Stances: Punishing Stance, Roots of the Mountain

Major Magic Items

Other Items
Potion of Lesser Battle Healing, 1 Healing potion, Potion of Digging, Smokestick x23, Flask of Acid x18, Alchemist Fire x18, Antitoxin x18, Holy Water x18, Sunrods x18, Tanglefoot Bags x18, Thunderstones x18, Tindertwigs x18, Burlap Sack x2, Silk Rope 200ft

Languages: Common (Literate), Orc, Dwarven, Black Speech


Zeruch Erelanson

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