Zardrix, The Wrath of Shadow, The Shadow's Dragon

One of the four Night Kings who served the Dark Lord. Now weakened and unemployed thanks to the sundering of The Pact.


Large Dragon
Shadowcaster / Mojh / Runechild / Dragon Disciple

Str 23
Dex 16
Con 18
Int 24
Wis 10
Cha 30


Zardrix is a dragon and older almost than her own memory. She was birthed in the Time of Years and was an ally of the Elder Kings. She was a devoted friend of Xircxi and bore him many eggs. When the Sundering fractured the draconic race, she sided with Xircxi and fought at his side. For thousands of years she was a champion of draconic honor and even advocated alliance with the children of their elthedar friends, the younger fey.

She and her cohorts where unable to mediate peace among the dragonkin and so retreated to unknown lands far to the south of the Sea. They found solace in the old ways and hoped that in time the animosity of their northern kin would wane. The rise of the dread power of the Dark Lord only aggravated this anger and hatred, however, and when their kin allied with the Dark Lord, Zardrix convinced her compatriots that even the dragons were not safe from such a threat. Rising from their hidden sanctuary, she led them north to meet the Shadow’s dragon horde over the plains of the Northern Marches in the catastrophic battle that ended the Second Age.

Legends claim the ground shook in Sharuun and the dragon fires that lit the sky could be seen from Caradul. In truth, the battle released destructive forces not seen since the fall of the Dark Lord and the Sundering. The battle was terrible, turned day into night, and left death and abject devastation across the frontier.

In the fight, Zardrix was mortally wounded and crashed to the ground in a broken and bloody heap. She lay dying for days, unable to summon aid from her surviving kin or even lift her head. As the last of her life drained from her body, a legate of the Dark Lord appeared on a black horse and offered to end her suffering in exchange for a strange boon. Delirious, she agreed, and with a huge axe the legate hacked open the dragon’s chest and removed her beating heart. She died then and slipped into a thousand year oblivion—a darkness from which she would eventually wake into a treacherous nightmare.

The legate brought the dragon’s heart before the Dark Lord, who ensorceled it and secreted it away against his future need. When the Dark Lord again rose to power, he used the magical heart to resurrect Zardrix and transformed her into the fourth of his dreaded Night Kings. Through the heart, the Shadow controlled the dragon’s will and bestowed on her powers greater than any dragon had ever possessed. the Dark Lord made Zardrix his avatar of destruction, a singular force of reckoning never before known in the mortal realm.

Zardrix was the absolute servant of the dark god. Her will was not her own and only anguished fragments of her original memories remain, trapped in the recesses of her mind. She spent much of her time patrolling the blasted plains around Theros Obsidia, protecting the holy bastion of her god. She dwells within a massive lair deep under the structure and often perches on the tower’s peak. The Dark Lord orders her on frequent missions to support his armies’ assaults, and she is often commanded to burn great swaths of the elven forest. The Shadow also uses her terrible grandeur as a weapon of fear, cowing both his enemies and allies alike, ever reminding them of his irresistible power.

When she is required to move among lesser races, she disgustedly takes the form of an armored draconic humanoid. Zardrix is at once the most formidable of the Dark Lord’s Night Kings and the most pitiable. Her lost honor and nobility make her corruption all the more tragic.

Zardrix, The Wrath of Shadow, The Shadow's Dragon

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