Liberated Slave, Master of Magic


Hornvoid, Male, Unicorn Magister 6

AL: CG; Size M; HD 6d6; 28 HP;
Init+0; Spd 40ft; AC: 12, Touch: 10, Flat-footed 12;
BaB: 3 (+2 vs Spells)
Gore: 2 1d6~1 20×2
2 Hooves: ~2 1d4~1 20×2

Saves: (2 vs Spells)
3, R+5, W+8;

Str 9, Dex 11, Con 11, Int 20, Wis 15, Cha 11

Skills: Climb 0; Linguistics 9; Knowledge: Arcana 10, Dungeoneering 10, Engineering 10, Geography 10, History 10, Local 10, Nature 10, Nobility 10, Spirit 10, Shadow 10; Perception 9; Spellcraft 11; Swim 0; Stealth 6

Psion (laden a spell to apply the Psionic template)
Lightning Reflexes (+2 Reflexes)
Brandish Magical Might (Page 99 of Arcana Unearthed)
Least Legacy (Wields Alicorn of the Void)
Modify Spell (Page 108 Arcana Unearthed; Double Range, Duration, Area or Number of Targets; No Verbal; No Somatic; Increase Power)

Special: Low-Light Vision; Darkvision 60ft; Non-dextrous, Unicorn Magic: +2 to overcome spell resistance,At Will~Mage Hand, Prestidigitation 1/day~ Locate Object, Summon Item; Cutie Mark (Eldritch Void)

Heroic Path (Dragon Blooded): 1st: Bonus Spell, 2nd: Bolstered Spell (Distraction), 3rd: +2 Spell Power, 4th: Quickened Counterspelling; 5th: Bolstered Spell (Eldritch Web), Improved Spellcasting (Conjurations spells use 1 less spell level when cast)

0th~ (7/day) Launch Bolt, Detect Magic, Minor Illusion, Appropriate Size, Ghost Sound, Repair, Disorient
1st~ (5/day) Animate Weapon, Heightened Obscuring Mist, Safe Fall, Distraction (Bolstered), Conjure Elemental Creature I
2nd~ (4/day) Gusting Wind, Eldritch Web (Bolstered), Muddy Ground, Silent Sheath
3rd~ (2/day) Flight, Eldritch Wall, Conjure Elemental Creature III, Protection From Energy

Amulet of Protection, Smokestick x5, Tanglefoot Bag x1, 200ft Silk Rope, 1 Lesser Battle Healing, 1 Healing Pot, Andecite: 3rd Level x2, 2nd Level x4, 1st level x5, Gold Wand x2, Munich Root x2, Sapphire x1

Alicorn of the Void

Languages: Equine, Common, Giant, Draconic, Orc, Dwarven, Black Speech


In Progress


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