Reins of Darkness

Session 14: Nash's Account

Manafest Destiny

Repairing back to the library, we resupplied and made for the third landmark described by the tattered texts from the library. An inland sea had covered the mountains described by the scraps of paper since they were written, so we found ourselves in want of a boat.

We were able to revive an ancient vessel, full sunk in the harbor, and christened her “The Rebound”. Several days of good sailing found us on a jungle island mountain, encircled with mangrove swamps. Some tiny orcling tribes made their habitat there, and with minimal disturbance to them we were able to gain the peaks of the mountains. They were honeycombed out with erosion, and inhabited by some orclings engaged in ecclesiastical activities. They joyfully accepted Fa’Sheen as a proxy for their food-providing god and a little less joyfully gave us access to their sacred artifacts.

Among them was the third piece of the key. Arithon and Smash were able to activate it and bring back the city into the world.

The landscape was more eerie in its familiarity than in its alieness. We were in the streets of a city which stretched out in every direction. It appeared uninhabited as we picked our way through it. The only strange structures we found were large rune covered arches that seemed to course with power such that any physical contact with them was dangerous.

We investigated a storehouse, where we found domestic supplies and fresh food. We attempted to obtain a higher vantage point, to better navigate through the abandoned metropolis. It was then that we discovered the true inhabitants of the city. From nook and cranny they rushed at us: human carrion, carapace encrusted, they lept with alacrity upon us and overwhelmed us. Arethon fell, Ulfen and Fa’Sheen dragged him back into the storeroom, while I threw what explosives I had into the street and ignited them. Smash threw himself against the door and somehow it held against the blast. The building collapsed upon us and we knew nothing for a while.


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