Reins of Darkness

Session 10: Nash's Account

The best defense is a good defense.

Soon after hearing of the destruction of Karsus and the subsequent loss of Feng, we returned to Taer, and it was not long before we heard from Anansi again. The great architect of Taer’s greater wall defenses, Donek Buldan, had been captured, presumed killed by the enemy. Galin Sunesti, the sole survivor of the attack implored us to make our way to Donek’s lastest project laboratory, and protect it or to destroy it in order to deprive the Enemy of special intelligence of our defenses. We were not long in agreeing with him, and made our way to the laboratory, only to find it overrun with orcs, who were themselves fruitlessly assailing its defenses. By some tips from Galin and with the help of a personal key of Donek’s we were able to take the ‘back door’ into the laboratory. Inside, we discovered some huge fighting machines designed by Donek, all of them polished and mirrored. With the help of Galin, we were able to activate the buildings defenses. During this time, he revealed to us that Donek had felt slighted by the Cha-Jilud and their associates, and had defected to the Enemy without coercion. 


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