Reins of Darkness


Consider this: A young wizard discovers an ancient prophecy which states that, within two days, the deposed Goddess of the Moon-who has been imprisoned for a thousand years due to a failed coup against her older sister, the Goddess of the Sun-will escape her imprisonment, vanquish her sister, and cover the lands in everlasting night!

This young wizard tries to tell everyone of the impending apocalypse, but being a young student, is ignored and instead given menial tasks to perform. Lo and behold, the prophecy does come to pass, and the student knows that the only way to defeat the Moon Goddess and reinstate the rule of the benevolent Sun Goddess is to find and utilize an ancient artifact. To that end, she recruits a diverse group of individuals with conflicting personalities but complementary skills. They must embark upon an arduous overland quest to the ruined keep of the Sisters, where it is believed that the artifact still resides. Along the way they are imperiled by terrain, the elements, monsters, and temptation.

After much travail, the group finally arrives at its destination, and before the young wizard can assemble the artifact, the evil Moon Goddess appears! In a last-ditch effort, the wizard discovers the proper activation sequence for the artifact, vanquishes the evil Moon Goddess, and restores the Sun Goddess to her rightful place in the sky.

Perhaps it’s not great literature, but this plot would be right at home in any fantasy setting. Monsters, artifacts, ruined castles, apocalyptic deicide — these are all quite epic and heroic, not to mention staples of many D&D campaigns. And a group of individuals who sometimes squabble but all have unique talents? That’s pretty much the definition of a group of Player Characters of diverse classes and alignments.

Like this...And guess what? I just told you the plot of the two-part series opener of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


PONIES! (courtesy of Paizo publishing)


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