Reins of Darkness

Session 6: Nash's Account

Anansi has some carved bones and doesn’t know what they mean.

Erithon and Smash leap into boats and head down the river Poltaaste to Feng, a major point of orc fortification during the giant invasion. The town was the scene of a gigantic massacre of orcs, but the Thothori were stymied to find that there were no bodies to pile and burn post massacre.

Erithon and Smash find the place riddled with undead, and vacate. They send a bellumemious bolt into the orcish encampments, and incite a battle between the angry orcs and the the really dead townsfolk.

They flee into the highcountry and notice that several legates have taken up their tracks, but are eaten by the fell. Taking refuge in an old quarry, they stand against the onslaught of deadly dancers. They discover dynamite in the quarry. They tear it loose. Nash finds and helps them.

Meanwhile, a much larger orc army has moved against the town. Weaving and hacking their way between the two forces, they make their way back to the boats.

Smash checks the ledgers and notices that the crane has been hired out to deliver several heavy millstones and large panes of glass to the milltowers of Feng.


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